The Bride Bath

Of Ottoman palaces bath concept with the most modern as it can feel our SPA center decoration to your requests shaped in accordance to traditional mattresses, with chapters with a group of belly dancers with and you are prepared specifically to the bride bath menu with yourself and your friends sultans feel like it will be welcomed.

The bride bath, a tradition that has existed since the Ottomans. But modernization, city life factors such as led to the disappearance of this tradition. At that time, it lit the bath condo in a nice marriage, the bride's relatives, the last time they're offering fun together. Today, this tradition again Ariva Spa expect you to deliver. Men no longer the girl before marriage together with friends while attending the fun side in the hammam. The bride bath specially crafted for themselves within the pouch, loincloth, with soap and towels do not have to bring anything with them. Wrapping the loincloth on the bride with candles in their hands, and condemn those who want to accompany your guests after peeling and foam rituals performed by female or male masseur based on your preference you can throw it at the massage of fatigue. Our goal easily be erased from the memory to the signing of entertainment and your first step leading to marriage in our spa to entertain you with a happy moment.

Our bridal bath package is a maximum of 15 persons. Reservations must be made at least one week before.
>>>Duration: 3 Hours& Price:1000 tl