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Massage; access to health care and is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy and we'll do it naturally. To rub an aching shoulder, forehead creased with worry to show our hands on is a healing power inherent in all of us. Headache, pain-discomfort, insomnia and stress relief in one simple tool can: Our hands. The basis of massage is touch and it is increasing medical evidence showing the value. In a study conducted at Harvard Medical School, prepared to enter into similar surgery patients were divided into two groups. Anesthesiologist, all patients prior to surgery night by visiting one of the groups the next day things always give you the information, but with each patient, five minutes was more interested in, as well sit on their hands keeping warm and approachable behaved. Postoperatively, patients were approached them in a friendly, the other group received only half of the amount of drug taken from the hospital about three days before they were discharged. This event warmth, congeniality and touch combined with friendly behavior may have on the overall health is to show the strong influence.

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