Couples Massage

Pair of massage therapy massage spa industry today preferred is one of the most popular massage.
Couples massage is performed in the same room. Extending to two separate couples massage table or separately, if desired, one can receive a massage therapist massage services. Two separate massage therapists at the same time if desired start and finish together in a synchronized manner massage. Given a single massage therapist massage therapist senkranizayo takes place according to your request by local working hours or rest periods may be mentioned as the person receiving the massage. ( We are currently able to serve with only one male therapist in your home.)
Why are the couples massage we mean the first couple married spouses, siblings, friends, lovers can benefit from massage service for couples together. Sharing and communication outside of a restless shy or timid person getting a massage for the first time, this massage is a viable solution.
The best gift for your wife and your husband Massage for Couples ..

Classic massage therapist for couples by 1 male therapist (outcall):95€
Various mystical massages by 1 male therapist for couples (outcall) :125 €

Married Couples Massage and Other Basic Training for Couples ( Massage Workshop )

These classes are simple and easy to learn couples massage is based on Swedish and lymphatic massage techniques. It is designed to help you and your partner. The benefits to you relaxing and nourishing your soul is helping spouses to communicate. Step 2 may also be taken if desired training. Here the aim to use the least possible time with a massage at the massage skills can highlight your communication skills. coupling one or more than 8 classes opened. Course Hours: 4 hours is.

Course Price: 150€

courses are given at your own venue.

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