The Brides Turkish bath care

Thats Bachelorette party for Bride Our spa center is renovated, we have classical t. and y. massage services for ladies in her hotel bath with soap foam. just outcall service.

We apply the SPA Treatments

Perfect beauty for centuries in order to achieve a healthy life and many methods have been tried. Among these methods, the most enjoyable and most relaxing massage is one of the oldest methods. "The best investment; Configure your health philosophy of" moving with our professional staff in our facilities;

  • Bath Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Special Massage Therapies
  • Far East Massage Therapy
  • The Ayurvedic Massage Therapy
  • Body Care
  • Skin Care

Massage for Couples

Couples massage is performed in the same room. Extending to two separate couples massage table or separately, if desired, one can receive a massage therapist massage services. Two separate massage therapists at the same time if desired start and finish together in a synchronized manner massage. Given a single massage therapist massage therapist senkranizayo takes place according to your request by local working hours or rest periods may be mentioned as the person receiving the massage.


care , skin cleansing, balancing and supply

Arive at the spa, spa services administered during maintenance, purifies your skin, provides balance and nutrition, different services for different skin types are presented.

Washout; Deeply cleanses the skin, will exfoliates.

Equalization; Gets rid of toxins through the skin, removes mineral deficiencies.

Humectation; Moistening of tissues, and allows feeding.

Supporting the Maintenance: Face, neck, hand and foot care are applied to the mini.

Who Should Make Massage


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